Welcome to my Turmoil Zerker Pure Guide and as obvious I will be teaching you how to make one of the most feared Pures out in the Wilderness the Turmoil Zerker Pure. 

The Most IMPORTANT!!! part of this guide is your defence of course has to be 45 for you to be able to wear the Berserker Helm and ALL OF YOUR DEFENCE XP (MUST BE QUESTED) DO NOT TRAIN ANY OF IT YOUSELF. If you do train any of your defence your Pure will be ruined and all of your work will be thrown down the drain so be very careful.


Pros: Turmoil Zerker Pures are one of the most Relentless types of pure in all of Runescape. Your defence will make it possible for you to own almost all of the same combat lvl players in the Wilderness. Depending on the strength level you wish to have you will hit immensely due to the powerful effects of the Turmoil Curse. Depending on your Pking lvl you will make mass amounts of money. Lets face it a Zerker pure looks like a Bad Ass Motherfucker!!!

Cons: Turmoil Does cost A LOT OF MONEY to achieve specially if your willing to do it with Frost Dragon Bones. Your defence will not make it possible for you to do God Wars and other tough activities. Due to the low defence Higher players will be able to hit constantly on you. This type of pure takes a lot of time and patience so be ready to quest a shit load and I do mean a shit load.


Achieving Turmoil is a long and Very Costly and long questing process but once you achieve it you will be immensely pleased with the results. And look at that animation its immensely badass.

Lit Gilded Altar

Yes you will be using a lit gilded altar to achieve 95 prayer as it will make your expenses A LOT LESS tons of money will be saved so use it. 

Your House: It takes 75 Construction for you to be able to build a gilded altar in your own house and that will cost you around 11 Mill, But then it costs around 1.2 Mill to build the altar itself as the materials for it are quite expensive. Once you do have that you will have to light your own incense burners and yes they must be lit as it will give way more xp per bone lit, It takes one clean marrentil and of course a tinder box to light one of the incense burners. Once you have all of that settled you will need lots of teleport to house tabs and I reccomend for you to have a Ring Of Kinship to tele to Damonheim for easy and free banking. 

Recommended!!! other players house: This is extremely recommended as it is of course free. Go to world 31 which is the official world for house parties and go to travelry there will be people advertising that you can use there gilded altars and they will have it lit for you it cant get much better than that.

A Beast Of Burden BOB will make the process a lot faster but of course this requires you to have summoning here are the beast of burden you could use to carry more bones. 

Thorny Snail: Requires 13 Summoning and carries 3 extra items for you
Spirit Kalphite: Requires 25 Summoning and carries 6 extra items for you
Bull Ant: Requires 40 Summoning and carries 9 extra items for you
Spirit Terrobird: Requires 52 Summoning and carries 12 extra items for you
War Tortoise: Requires 68 Summoning and carries 18 extra items for you
Pack Yak: Requires 96 Summoning and carries 30 extra items for you this thing is fucking beast 

Bones You Will Be Using: Ok on this guide I will only be covering two types of bones since to me those are the only bones worth using. Of course you can range from normal bones to frost dragon bones and ashes also but it will take a lot more time this way.

Frost Dragon Bones: Currently 12,400 at the G.E or you can kill the Frost dragons and get them yourself but it will take a lot of time and it requires 85 Dungeoneering and some good melee stats. Ok it will take 13,924 FDB at a lit gilded altar to achieve 95 prayer from lvl 1 of course. Cost: 172,657,600 Gp.

Dragon Bones: Currently 3,259 at the G.E or you can kill dragons for them (green,blue,red,black) I recommend green as they are the easiest but this will take a lot of time of course so I recommend buying them. It will take you 34,808 DB at a lit gilded altar to achieve 95 prayer from 1. Cost: 113,439,272 Gp

The Temple At Senntisten

This is the quest you will have to do in able to use Turmoil and all of the other ancient Curses. This quest has a lot of other quest requirements for it so the road will be a bit tough and boring it will take lots of patience also. 


Defence Quest that will give you your defence and a bit of prayer xp
The Fremennik Trials
Reward: 2,813 Defence Exp, Ability to wear Fremennik helmets (Berserker, Archer, Farseer, etc…)

Dragon Slayer 
Reward: 18,650 Defence Exp, Ability to wear Rune Platebody and green dragon-hide body

Monkey Madness 
Reward: (DO NOT TAKE ANY OF THE REWARD XP OR YOU WILL BE RUINED), Ability to wield the Dragon Scimitar, Require for part of Recipe for Disaster.

Nature Spirit 
Reward: 2,000 Defence Exp, a required sub-quest for Recipe for Disaster

Olafs Quest
12,000 Defence XP

In Search of the Myreque 
Reward: 600 Defence Exp, Shortcut to Barrows (a decent money-maker) 

Heroes Quest
Reward: 3,075 Defence Exp, Ability to access Heroes Guild, Ability to wield Dragon Battle Axe and Dragon Mace

This is a list of quests that are optional (for the most part) that give prayer experience. Doing these quests will also give you the ability to both wield the Barrelchest Anchor, and fish Monkfish, if you have the required fishing level.

Swans Song 
Reward: 10,000 Prayer Exp, Ability to fish Monkfish

Making History 
Reward: 1,000 Prayer Exp 

Mountain Daughter 
Reward: 2,000 Prayer Exp, Bear Mask

Recruitment drive 
Reward: 1,000 Prayer Exp, Ability to wear Initiate Armor

Restless Ghost 
Reward: 1,125 Prayer Exp

Priest in Peril 
Reward: 1,400 Prayer Exp, Ability to access the Kingdom of Mortania 

Ghosts Ahoy 
Reward: 2,400 Prayer Exp, Ectophial, Ability to access Port Phasmytus free of charge 

Rag and bone man 
Reward: 5,500 Prayer Exp

Rum Deal 
Reward: 7,000 Prayer Exp 

Spirits Of The Elid 
Reward: 8,000 Prayer Exp 

The Great Brain Robbery
Reward: 6.000 Prayer Exp, Ability to wield the Barrelchest Anchor

This is the Gear I intensely recommend for you to have as it will give you the best strength bonuses you can replace the whip with a dragon scimitar, Korassi's Sword, or any Godsword you like. 

The berserker helm is the reason this pure is called a berserker pure it gives a +3 str bonus and requires a defence of 45 to wear. You must complete the fremmenick trials to wear it and it cost 78,000 gp at the moment.

The Firecape is overall the second best cape in all of Runescape only surpassed by the completionist cape at the moment you can wear it at any lvl. To acquire this bad ass cape you will need to complete the Thzarr Fight Caves Minigame which is located in karajama volcano. This Mini Game is very hard and the items you need for it cost some gp too. I recommend 70+ range and 43+ pray. Go to YouTube and type Zerker Pure Jad Guide 2011 for a complete guide on how to achieve this.

The Amulet of Fury is currently the best OVERALL notice I said overall... ammy in the game you can wear this badboy at any level but it is a bit costly it currently costs 7,173,464 gp.

The Fighter's Torso is the best body piece you will be able to wear it gives you a +4 str bonus it is an amazing plate I highly reccomend you to get this. It requires 40 defence to wear and you also have to have 350 Points in each category Attacker, Defender, Collector, Healer of the Barbarian Assault Miningame I reccomend you have ok stats for you to try this it is not hard just very boring. For a good guide go to youtube or google and search Barbarian Assault Minigame Guide.

The Rune Defender is the best shield piece you will be able to wield it gives a +5 str bonus and requires 40 attk and defense to wield. To acquire this you will have to get into the warriors guild which requires you attk and str lvls to add up to 130 (example 60 attk 70 str.) You will have to aquire warrior guild tokens in order to go upstairs and start killing billions of ogres for it to drop a defender starting from bronze this will take patience. 

Barrows Gloves enough said. These bad boys give a +12 str bonus and are currently the best gloves in the game you can wear these at any lvl. Of course being the best it requires a lot of work. You will have to complete Recipe For Disaster for you to be able to wield these bad boys and they also cost 100,000 gp at the culminators chest.

The Berserker Ring is an amazing ring to have and I highly recommend it for zerkers. You can wield it at any lvl but this thing requires some money to buy it currently costs 3,300,000 gp. This bad boy can be imbued by playing the Mobilising Armies Minigame and it will give a +8 str bonus which is amazing so its up to you if you wish to do this.

There's lots of platelegs and boots you can choose to your liking although I recommend rune boots this is all to your liking.

Below is a picture of the quest you should do for you to be able to have enough quest points to do recipe for disaster without affecting your defence level.



I Super reccomend vengeance for pking purposes it will require the lunar diplomacy quest and 94 magic. This spell really owns in pvp get it!

For all Quest help please use Runehq.com it will tell you step by step. Or use any other quest help of your liking.

Well that's it guys I hope you enjoyed my Turmoil Zerker Pure guide if you have any questions please add me in game and p.m me my username is   Turmoil Zerx   
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